Episode #3 The next song is actually Patient Endurance

June 21, 2017

Next Episode in our Dread Champions lyric series, "This Calls For Patient Endurance On the Part of the Saints"

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Finished People Episode #2 (Dread Champions track by track) Army of One

June 11, 2017

As promised here is our first episode in our series going track by track through Sleeping Giant's debut album from may 2007, entitled "Dread Champions of the Last Days." Here is the First song Army of One. Have a laugh, be encouraged, learn some stuff. Muchos Love Vatos!


Welcome Finished People

June 5, 2017

Thanks for checking out the finished people podcast hosted by Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant/the REV Gatherings) Please feel free to email finishedpeople@gmail.com if you need us for anything! Muchos Love Vatos!